Winning Films 2014



High School, directed by Stephen Boyer [USA]

Two children use their combined memories to rationalize the actions of their parents.

sheltered love.jpg

Sheltered Love

Short Fiction, directed by Alex Italics [USA]

In blissful 1950s suburbia, a lovestruck bobbysoxer and her no-good-nik boyfriend seek refuge from her overprotective and hot-headed father.

methel island.jpg

Methel Island

Short Documentary, directed by Meg Smaker [USA]

A meditation on meth. 
There is and island on the delta 45 minutes east of San Francisco that is infested with Crystal Meth. In this documentary we explore the island and its inhabitants' relationship to the drug. Four characters will take us on the
journey of an addict: from the first states, to the comedown and finally the long road to recovery.