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Two and a Quarter Minutes

High School, directed by Joshua Ovalle [USA]

What goes through one's mind in the two-and-a-quarter minutes it take on average for someone to drown?

Shote Akfar

Short Fiction, directed by Paz Bercu [Israel]

Haim and his son Sammy live in a village in the south of Israel. Recently the mother passed away and Haim is left to care for Sammy (diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder). Only the mother cared for Sammy while his father maintained their property. Now, Haim takes responsibility of his son. He removes him from the care facility where he was staying while his mother was dying, and tries to care for his son. Sammy pushes Haim towards confrontations with members of the village. They want Sammy back in the facility after he is suspected of doing harmful things to himself and others. Haim promised his wife he would not fail her, but Sammy's condition keeps deteriorating and Haim feels that he's losing control.

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Short Documentary, directed by Sandeep Rampal Balhara [India]

The side effects of a growing economy and extensive use of biotechnology pushed Indian farmers into the world's greatest agrarian crisis. CottonDreams delves into life of one such family and brings out a tragic tale of love, life and sacrifice under extreme living conditions in rural India.