Winning Films 2012


forever sam.jpg

Forever Sam

High School, directed by Julia Jones [USA]

Sam is your average, teenage girl with average, teenage pressures and an average, teenage crush on the class heart throb, Andy. But when her love for Andy starts to become an obsession, she decides to write him a complete confession. When Andy's letter is spread around the whole school and Sam is outcast, she must face her fantasy, questioning her love and her reality. But how far will she go for love?



Short Fiction, directed by Maikel Nijnuis [Netherlands]

Desideratum is a psychological horror film and tells the story of three characters, struggling with the evil within themselves. Seduced by a demonic figure, they try to resist their biggest desires.

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Hold Me Closer

Short Documentary, directed by Thomas Fisher [USA]

Hold Me Closer documents the events of a Cuddle Party held in a Los Angeles motel in late March 2011. Seven strangers gather under the supervision of a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator for three hours of 'freestyle cuddling' meant to bring people together through the use of healthy, nonsexual touch. However, good intentions quickly fade as conflicting personalities and a cuddler trying to subvert the rules threaten to derail the proceedings.